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About the Calendar Newsletter

The Medical Industry Conference Calendar Newsletter™ returns!

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The twice-a-month, subscription-only, emailed pdf newsletter lists and briefly profiles 

approx. 2,000 events worldwide, with basic contact information included.

  • Each pdf issue can be searched by any key word, using the "find" feature. 
  • Or, order the deluxe MS Excel database version, so you can sort by key categories like country, city, state, etc.
  • Another great option is to license the content for posting at your website, or distributing it to all of your staff.
  • Each issue includes newly-announced events, while expired (already held) events are automatically deleted.
  • It's the best, most comprehensive list of medical meetings and conferences worldwide available at any price.
  • Published by Biomedical Market Newsletter®, founded in 1991.
  • Made in the USA, in sunny Orange County, home of the largest region of medical product manufacturing in the world, according to Biomedical Market Newsletter Inc. Plus, more medical products are made and approved by the US FDA in California each year, than the next several states combined, according to Biomedical Market Newsletter Inc.

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What events are covered

This unique resource briefly profiles medical events, meetings, conferences, conventions, courses,

seminars, symposiums, trade shows and webinars.

Each issue includes meetings held by major medical associations, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), list of medical meetings & conferences worldwide conferences conventions US National Institutes of Health, private conference organizers and medical societies worldwide.

Basic contact information is included for each event listing.

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Topics covered

Topics of events include everything from Alzheimer's disease, biomed, biotech and diabetes, to anti-aging, blood, cardiology, clinical laboratories, devices, disposables,  equipment, FDA, genomics, hematology, implants, organ and organ/tissue transplantation, quality control/quality assurance, pharmaceuticals, regulatory affairs, reimbursement and veterinary medicine -- plus many additional categories. 

Each issue of this great resource covers events in dozens of categories and sub-specialties, worldwide.

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